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Health Partners

The heeling touch.
Why do more doctors and podiatrists prescribe New Balance than any other shoe? You'll find out in this section. Our goal is to help our medical partners deliver greater comfort for their patients.

What we help.
Our shoes provide essential support, no matter what your foot type and our in-store experts give the support you need in finding just the right shoe, and the right fit. Together, we can help correct issues that come from the way you naturally walk or run.

Why is shoe technology and fit critical to a diabetes patient?
Given the impact of diabetes on circulation, the right fit is paramount. Properly fitted New Balance shoes encourage healthy blood flow. And the right pair of New Balance shoes can support all kinds of feet, and all kinds of body types. Fit, support, multiple widths -- these are just a few of the reasons that the American Podiatric Medical Association has officially endorsed many New Balance shoes.

Overpronate? Millions of Americans do.
New Balance also creates shoes that compensate for widespread gait differentials seen in millions of Americans.

If you overpronate (roll your foot to the inside as you move), supinate (roll your foot to the outside), have bunions or hammer toes, high arches or flat feet, New Balance produces a shoe that accommodates your physiology and helps keep you healthy and on your feet.

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