Saturday, May 20, 2017

Nathan Benderson Park

PACKET PICK-UP - Thurs, May 18th from 4pm-7pm: New Balance Sarasota, 1872 Stickney Point Rd, Event benefits Race #7 in the MTC/New Balance Racing Series -- The SUP & RUN 5K gives athletes three great races in one to choose from. A 5K Run, a 5K SUP or a 5K SUP & RUN. Athletes participating in the combination SUP & RUN, run the 5K first and then hop on their paddle board for a 5K paddle around Nathan Benderson Park. The event draws top runners and SUP'ers who compete for cash prizes and the not-so-serious athletes have a prominent place in the event. The SUP & RUN 5K is a family style event. WALKERS ARE WELCOME and encouraged to attend.

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