At new balance South Windsor and Avon we do all we can to meet and exceed the Procare/NB Rx fit standards.  At our stores we offer 4 Pedorthists and 20 Fit Specialist.  This means our entire team is highly trained and continually learning.  Between internal and external classes our staff never stops learning to make sure the newest techniques are common knowledge.  
With this knowledge we work with over 100 medical professionals in the area.  We receive many referrals so everyone can find comfort. 

Foot and body Problems we can help relieve 
Plantar Fasciitis 
Mortons Neuroma 
Heel spurs 
Shin Splints
Hammer Toes 
IT Band syndrome 
Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome

Knee Pain 
Lower Back Pain 
and more 


New Balance NBRx