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New Balance is the number one brand of performance footwear recommended by medical professionals. As a New Balance Procare Dealer, New Balance Williston is a trusted resource for the medical community. We receive footwear referrals from podiatrists, physical therapists, surgeons and chiropractors. We appreciate the trust they place in us by prescribing their patients with a visit to our store.


Certified Pedorthists on Staff


The team of Procare Fit Specialists at New Balance Williston is led by our Certified Pedorthist, Sara LaBarre. Store owner Mark McCarthy is also a C.Ped. We work closely with area physicians, podiatrists, chiropractors and physical therapists to fulfill prescriptions and to best accommodate the performance and therapeutic needs of their patients. Whether you’ve been referred to us by your doctor, or whether you’re coming to see us on your own, we offer this expertise and 1-on-1 service free of charge to ensure that you get the best fit.

On-Site Workshop

Our Board Certified Pedorthist, Sara LaBarre, has an on-site workshop where she performs custom shoe modifications. Sara can modify any shoe to fit your needs, including lifts, rockers, sole splits, widening or narrowing, and wedges. Sara specializes in orthotic recovers and can add a new top cover to your custom orthotics, saving you pain and money. She can also modify or customize orthotics to meet your needs. You can meet Sara at New Balance Williston to discuss your needs, then she will perform the shoe and orthotic modifications right here in our store, and return them to you in a few short weeks, for a fraction of the cost of other cobblers.

Free Foot Scanning Available


Our Certfied Pedorthists and Certified ProCare Fit Specialists can provide you with a free foot scan analysis that will map your foot pressure points and identify your arch type. When combined with our gait analysis, inspection of your current shoes, and the valuable information we gain from interviewing you about your personal history, symptoms and observations, the scan results help us recommend the right shoe and orthotic to meet your needs. It’s also a great way to help you visualize the pressure and pain you may be experiencing.


Better Fit, Better Performance


At New Balance Williston, we know that shoes that fit better, perform better. That’s why we offer so many styles in such a wide range of sizes and widths, and built on multiple lasts to best match the shape of your foot. With our in-depth knowledge of foot anatomy and our understanding of shoe design, we can find you the best possible fit from our extensive selection.

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